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johannezz Mar 02

So welcome! Right now this site serves the purpose of informing whatever I’ve published, which could be either a video or a Colab notebook.

The videos will be music videos, like this the latest one…

or a tutorial on something, and I hope to soon have one explaining how I make music with OpenAI Jukebox and after that, I’ve got plenty more in mind.

And occasionally I may just air my half-baked thoughts on the subject of AI, machine learning, love, peace and the Universe in general…

Right now I’m still trying to figure my way around WordPress. I have previous experience of simple static blogs on Github, but now that I’ve got WP, it seems to me very complex and confusing, and because of that, it looks right now a bit bland but I believe it will improve as time goes on.

For example I have no idea how to put social media icons here, so I’ll just plain text link them:

My Youtube channel

My Twitter

I also post on reddit as u/turntable_server

Ok, thanks for reading this first post! You’re amazing! See you soon.

ps. the image in this post is “A long shot of a centaur in uncanny valley” rendered with Aleph2Image, 1150 iterations

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