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johannezz Mar 06

It’s here, this week’s music video. I’ve been trying to produce these on weekly basis – maybe I should slow down a little; to invest some time for refining the end result… or maybe getting my work backlog done instead of staring at psychedelic messes of color all day…

It is always interesting how the outcome differs from what I originally envisaged while gathering materials for this video. I thought it was going to be a sort of spoof of 80’s synthpop, but it ended up being really a mini-symphony cobbled up from different parts and themes. It reminds me of listening to radio and going through different stations, hence part of the name.

To me, OpenAI Jukebox music expresses strong moods. Like deeplearn-generated imagery, they change and develop in unexpected ways: from funny to festive and then to menacing, and sometimes almost spiritual.

I intend to make a longer post about the tools that I used for this video, probably by tomorrow.

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